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 order an appraisal.

There’s many reasons to

I can determine what your new home will be worth once finished based on your building plans, specifications and budgeted expenses. 

Value Your New Construction

Sometimes the municipality gets it wrong. Order a certified residential appraisal so you can appeal your tax valuation with confidence. 

Appeal A Tax Assessment

A certified residential appraisal will provide you with an accurate picture of how much equity you have in your property.

Determine Equity In A Divorce

Order a residential appraisal today so you can know the exact value of real estate assets in your estate. 

Value Assets In Your Estate

Planning to purchase or refinance your home? I can provide you with a current market value that you can trust. 

Purchase Or Refinance A Home

An independent, residential appraisal is the most accurate way to determine what your property is worth today. 

Discover Your Property Value




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I provide accurate, timely and fair-priced residential and FHA appraisals on real estate from Girdwood to Chugiak.

Appraisal Management Companies

Whether you’re local or out-of-state, I’ll be your certified residential and FHA appraiser of choice in the Anchorage Municipality.

Banks, Lenders & Credit Unions

You’ll know exactly what your client’s realty assets are worth to minimize conflict and stress.

Divorce Attorneys

You’ll receive a current market value for your client’s estate, tax and financial planning needs.

Estate & Family Planning Attorneys

For Professionals
& Lenders

The Process

After you order your appraisal, I’ll call you to learn more about your property, discuss the timeline, fees, intended use and make sure we’re a good fit. If we are, I’ll email you an engagement letter, an invoice to pay up front and we’ll schedule a time for me to come inspect your property.

Keep in mind I only appraise residential properties in the Anchorage Municipality. 

Step 1: Order an appraisal and schedule your inspection

You’ll meet me at the property or give me access so I can take photos, measure your floor plan and inspect the property condition. You don’t have to clean your house or anything. Just make sure I have access to all rooms or outbuildings and notify any tenants I’ll be coming. I’ll need to see your building plans, specifications and list of budgeted building costs if it’s a new construction.

Curious how to prepare your home for my inspection? Download this checklist!

Step 2: I’ll inspect your property in person

There’s three ways I can value your residential real estate. 

A common method is the sales approach to value. This is when I look up comparable properties that are similar to yours that have recently sold or are pending in the Anchorage area. I compare the building size, condition, lot features, amenities and other elements of your home versus those comparable sales and adjust your value accordingly. This is the most accurate way to determine what your home would sell for in the current market. This is commonly used for condos, single family homes, lots and multi-family. 

The second valuation method is the income approach. I’ll typically use this method when appraising a duplex, triplex, four-plex or rental property. I’ll ask you to provide me with the current market rents and copies of any lease agreements so I can know how much income your property is generating each month. I’ll then look for comparable income-producing properties nearby and use a calculation to determine what a willing investor or buyer would pay in the current market to buy your rental property. 

The third method is the cost approach. This method is commonly used for unique properties or new construction. I look at how much money it would take to replace your home in its current condition or rebuild it again. I look at the value of your land, the cost of construction, labor materials and then minus any depreciation. 

Step 3: I’ll determine what your property is worth

This is the fun part! I take all the information I gathered from my inspection, market research and review of comparable properties and determine what your property is worth. This is called an opinion of value and I’ll send you my opinion in a complete PDF appraisal report. 

It’s important to keep in mind this report is confidential and only to be used for the original intended purpose we outlined in our initial engagement letter. 

Step 4: I’ll write your appraisal report and present an opinion of value


"Working with Cece on our home appraisal was great. She was efficient, thorough and respectful. In addition, very knowledgeable of her field and todays market."


"CeCe was great to work with! Very professional and had the assessment to us in the promised timeframe. We would definitely work with her again."

Jacky & Ken

"Cece appraised our home. She has earned an excellent reputation as an appraiser at Alyeska. Her work is accurate, complete, and on time. She has a very pleasant manner and personality. We highly recommend her services"


Terrific local appraiser that knows the Anchorage/Girdwood
market so well!


"CeCe works with the highest standards. She's friendly & professional. I highly recommend her services."



Find out how much your home is worth

As a certified residential appraiser and Girdwood local with over 30 years of Alaskan real estate experience, I can help determine what your  home is worth in the Anchorage Municipality.

I only work in the following communities: 

• Girdwood
• Anchorage
• Eagle River
• Chugiak


No. I can only tell you what your home is worth today in its current condition. The exception is a new construction appraisal where I’ll determine the value of your home once the construction is complete. 

No. Your bank or lender will take care of that for you. In fact, there are regulations that impact how banks order appraisals. Call your loan originator if you have any questions. 

Yes. I can determine your “pre-sale” value that will give you an idea of what to sell it for. I’m often approached by homeowners that want to sell their house to a friend, as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) or through seller financing and need to know the current market value. 

No, they’re different. A home inspector will evaluate the condition of your home and give you a list of issues to correct. An appraisal from a certified residential appraiser like myself will give you an opinion of what the property is worth.  

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